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Gen. M Partners is classified as a Wealthtech firm that focuses on the corporate asset management side and specializes in issuing security tokens. Our primary focus is issuing tokenized yield-bearing RWA-backed digital securities through security token offerings.


We are excited to announce the launch of our first financial instrument — a tokenized private equity fund, which is set to launch later this year. Your entry in the fund is represented by holding our security token, $TPEF.

With $TPEF, Gen. M Partners is addressing the challenge of limited access in the traditional financial markets, aiming to democratize investment opportunities in the private sector. This initiative opens doors for unaccredited international investors to potentially earn passive income through our high-yielding instrument. We are significantly reducing management fees by optimizing operations, which involves cutting out intermediaries and implementing automation for various internal processes. These innovations collectively democratize the investment landscape, as well as lower fees, which will maximize the returns for our LPs.

Our goal is to broaden access to multi-asset class exposure, making it more inclusive and accessible for a diverse range of investors. We’re aiming to provide investors with easy access to yield-bearing on-chain investment instruments that are diversified across public and private markets (Future Issuances).

Our Goal

As an issuer, our goal is to provide a wide range of various investment options that are transparent and easy to access, enabling investors of all levels to create personal wealth efficiently. By incorporating distributed ledger technology as well as AI into traditional investment instruments, we aim to revolutionize asset management within the private equity sector.

At Gen. M Partners we're aiming to democratize access to exclusive opportunities within capital markets, with this approach we're allowing investors to engage in on-chain private market securities investments, granting them access to global liquidity and the opportunity to generate passive income, our instruments aim to promote financial inclusion, particularly in regions with a well-established digital asset framework.

Our primary geographical focus is in the EMEA, APAC & LATAM regions, where we believe our innovative products can significantly contribute to building a robust financial infrastructure. This, in turn, can spur economic growth and facilitate individual wealth creation. Additionally, most of these regions have been leaders when it comes to regulation involving digital assets and advancing their digital transformation.

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