Tokenized Private Equity Fund

What Is $TPEF?

The first instrument that GMP will be issuing is a Tokenized Private Equity Fund where ownership in the fund is represented by a security token $TPEF, with a focus on private placement investment in; decentralized technology infrastructure, AI infrastructure, renewable energy, advanced computing infrastructure as well as investments in real estate, alternative investments and on-chain allocations, with a target to offer our products to unaccredited retail investors, and institutional. Each token holder is recognized as an LP in the fund and token holders will collectively retain 3% of the total supply of the launch of each future product issuance from Gen. M Partners.

How to Buy $TPEF

1. Onboarding

  • Create an account on and successfully pass our KYC/AML procedures conducted in collaboration with our trusted third-party partners. Visit the Who Can Invest section to determine your eligibility.

  • After successfully passing the KYC/AML procedures, you'll gain access to our official platform. Here, you can buy, sell, and access our dashboard and all the information relating to real-time information regarding your investments.

2. Funding

  • Simply connect your wallet to our platform or create a new one if you haven't already. Once your wallet is set up, fund it with the desired amount, and you're all set to access our on-chain private market security on GMPs' official platform.

3. Buy $TPEF

  • Buy a token, hold onto it in your wallet, and monitor its performance over time.

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