Investment Strategy

Private Placements, Real Estate, Alternatives, On-Chain Allocations

Our tokenized PE fund will target international investments, with the exception of our real estate portfolio, which will exclusively concentrate in the United States. Our private placement investments will encompass; buyouts, growth equity, and venture capital opportunities, with the potential inclusion of special situations based on the investment opportunities presented.

Private Placements

  • Decentralized Technology Infrastructure

  • AI Infrastructure

  • Renewable Energy

  • Advanced Computing Infrastructure

Real Estate

The fund will be taking a multi-strategy approach to its real estate investments to bring exposure to single-family homes and CRE deals to LPs.

  • Acquire federal housing portfolios that fit our investment criteria.

  • Tokenized holdings of Commercial Real Estate deals.

Alternative Investments

The funds’ strategic allocations in Fine Arts serve as a hedge against market volatility and currency fluctuations. By diversifying beyond conventional assets, we are enhancing risk-adjusted returns and preserving capital over the long term for our LPs.

  • Art Portfolio: Fine Arts from a regulated broker.

On-Chain Allocations

  • Lending Platforms

  • Digital Securities (STOs)

  • RWAs NFTs (Collectibles)

  • Crypto

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