Underlying DLT

XRP Ledger (XRPL)

Our team believes the XRP Ledger is the best protocol to bring Real World Assets (RWAs) on-chain as Ripple's positioning for mainstream adoption is strong. We believe that the XRPL will be the protocol of choice to scale innovative new models for financial instruments that utilize blockchain technology more than any other chain. The XRPL is one of the only carbon-neutral blockchains that is built to help scale blockchain solutions by improving the digital banking infrastructure.

Other benefits of the XRP Ledger:

  • High Speed and Low Costs: Transactions settle in 3-5 secs, for a fraction of a cent.

  • Core Programmability: The XRPL has everything built into the network, with changes requiring a significant validator process aiming to mitigate risks. Compared to other chains that have the contracts built on the protocol which causes contract risks and rug pulls. The XRPL is great for institutions, that prioritize security and compliance.

  • Partnerships: Ripple has 300+ partnerships including financial giants in TradFi, Global Standard Bodies, Payment Innovators, and more.

  • Carbon Neutrality: The XRPL is a carbon-neutral blockchain that consumes ~0.0079 kWh of electricity per transaction, much less than Bitcoin and Ethereum Networks. The XRPL network is significantly more efficient than the traditional financial instruments it aims to replace.

At Gen. M Partners we're aiming to become the largest issuer of on-chain securities on the XRPL with an additional initiative to help decarbonize capital markets by issuing carbon-neutral securities.

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