$TPEF Legal Structure

Limited Partnership

Gen. M Partners operates as a Limited Partnership, which allows for the issuance and offering of on-chain private market securities which represent tokenized equity in the fund. One or more partners called General Partners (GPs) manage the fund and assume all legal liabilities. A limited partnership will allow other partners (the investors) referred to as Limited Partners to provide capital and have limited liability. In the case of a tokenized PE fund, the LP structure allows for the Gen. M Partners to raise capital from a variety of investors, through the sale of equity ownership through our security token, $TPEF.

As a limited partner, you gain exposure to a diverse range of Investment Opportunities within the rapidly growing sector of real-world asset tokenization. By pooling capital with other investors, you can participate in projects and ventures that may otherwise be inaccessible or too risky to pursue individually. Furthermore, the limited liability protection inherent in the limited partnership structure shields investors from personal liability beyond their initial investment, providing a layer of security amidst the uncertainties of the market.

By structuring the tokenized private equity fund as a limited partnership, Gen. M Partners aims to create a mutually beneficial relationship between investors, fostering transparency, accountability, and alignment of interests. This collaborative approach not only enhances the potential for generating attractive returns but also mitigates risks and fosters a dynamic ecosystem facilitative to innovation and growth within the on-chain finance space. As the landscape continues to evolve, Gen. M Partners remains committed to leveraging the advantages of the LP structure to deliver value and opportunities for its investors.

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